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Thread: IP Tracer

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    IP Tracer

    I found this neat little IP tracer while looking for instructions to remove a trojan - had to post it!

    (wow ! fast replies , seconds after I messed it up , lol)
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    Ok, then where is it? Samspade is what I use for such things.

    /edit: Okedokey, now it's there. Did not mean to jump on you

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    Um...and...er...where is it?

    /edit -- There ya go!

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    To use: enter the URL, host name, or IP address of the Internet device (e.g. computer, server, router) and click "Start Trace.....then a blank grey square...?where am i supposed to enter the url, no field there to enter it

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    An alternative to SamSpade is the Candian server http://www.network-tools.com/

    Or if you're wanting to use your trusty DOS prompt (you know you want to ) then you could

    Start >> cmd >> Tracert IPADDRESS

    It'll give you ten lovely hops.

    You can also resolve your DNS to its IP Addy by

    Start >> cmd >> ping www.blah.com

    It's always nice to try a tracert when you have a slow net connection or when that little git on IRC is threatening to "hack your ass off" - Scares the hell out of them. Stupid children *fetches the cain*

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    Oh, the ole IP Tracers.

    I remember the days when we could say, "I'm gonna catch you, you back orifice, code bombing turdish, son of gun, etc., etc.," And I'll be darn if we didn't succeed in our hunt.

    We actually had a pretty fair chance of coming within a reasonable distance of catching our nemesis in the act of disrupting our mostly innocent, good and honest surfing habits.

    We could even narrow it down to his ISP and his....

    However, that may not be the case nowadays. Trace me and mine doesn't even come within 200 miles. AOL, Cable, Dsl, IP Block Assignments, etc., have changed what used to be a fairly productive way to locate someone for good purposes and of course for bad. You may have some luck with it and I hope you do. But don't soley rely on an IP Trace.

    At least we still can swear at him Profusely!
    Connection refused, try again later.

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    LOL, all very true

    Or to quote Aliens...

    "Frost : What the hell are we supposed to use man? Harsh language?"

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    i was very interesting in tracing eather IP or email or anything... maybe that i am a newbie and there is i very good ppl in AOL that for sure knows more thane me but i really like to tell u some thing...
    here we are using a satellite system and the ISP here takes the service for Germany ...
    then he provide the internet for over 500 networks ... every network with a unique IP ...
    and every IT that manage any network of it make a small network and gives a new IP address for each PC ...
    i know that its a huge network and many IPs...
    so every time my norton internet firewall block a tojan or any un known access its give me an IP so when i use the symantec IP tracer it says that the IP in my network and it cant trace it ... i am sure that the remote IP wich send the trojan is not in my network but for sure its in the ISP netwrok and every time i visite a website with a details about my internet its allways says that i am from Germany with an IP that not mine and i think that the IP is for my ISP ...
    so as Relyt sayed (that may not be the case nowadays)...
    By the way U guys doing a great job here ... thx AOL
    best regards
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