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Thread: New Ad-Aware SE 1.01

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    New Ad-Aware SE 1.01


    New in Ad-Aware SE Personal edition:

    Scanning engine improvements
    Extended Memory scanning
    Now scans all modules loaded by a process
    Uses our all new CSI (Code Sequence Identification) technology to identify
    new and unknown variants of known targets

    Extended Registry scanning
    Now scans registry branches of multiple user accounts
    Performs additional smart checks to detect dynamically created references
    Scanning speed noticeably faster
    Extended Scanning for known and unknown/possible Browser-Hijackers

    Extended Disk scanning
    Now scans and lists alternate Data-streams on NTFS volumes
    Now Ad-Aware supports scanning of Cabinet files, (including spanned
    Scanning speed increased
    Improved Hosts-file scan
    Ad-Aware Now uses a much smaller definitions file

    Several User Interface improvements
    Improved Graphical UI
    Ad-Aware now supports custom graphical Skins
    More user friendly Plug-in/Extension GUI (Plug-ins and Extensions now shown
    on separate screens)
    New Scan Results view, Includes a scan summary and detailed view
    Ad-Aware now linked to the online TAC database

    Multiple New Tweak options
    Unloading of process modules during a scan
    Obtaining command line of scanned processes
    Ignoring spanned cabinet files
    Scan registry for all users instead of current user only
    Permanent archive caching
    Always try to unload modules before deletion
    Disable manual quarantine if auto quarantine is selected
    Write protect system files after repair
    Use gridlines in item lists
    Log file detail section condensed

    Several Log file improvements
    Includes support for separate removal-Log files
    Allows adding a Reference summary/index to log files
    Log file contains overall more detailed information

    With kind regards
    Michael A. Wood
    VP Sales USA and Canada
    Nicolas Stark Computing AB

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    Yay! Ad-aware is my favorite program. I use spybot too, but Ad-aware rawks - plus it's got a great gui, which means I'm less afraid to recommend it to people.

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    Yeah, most of the people I recommend it to love the GUI as well. I have to say it's also one of my favorite program's to use and it isn't a hassle when it need's to run. Personally, I didn't think the last version needed improvement's or anything, it's never failed me. Thank's for letting me know of the new version.
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    thanks for letting us know.

    but from my understanding, there's already a later version, V1.02

    This new build is fixing a bug in 1.01 where after updating new definitions file the old one is still there.
    (quote is from Dan39, a member at lavasoft's forum .. http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index...howtopic=40952)

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    Sounds good..


    A quick look at the support forums is showing a few problems

    and this seems to include V1.02

    IT WILL live up to our expectations.. Lavasoft hasn't disapointed in the past

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    ...........wheres the free version?....have they forgoten to remember the poor bastards like me? Oh well. I f I can get the money, its worth buying.

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    Oh i downloaded the newer version just before, and i must say that once again the dudes at LavaSoft have done it again..
    I Mean it's got a few new features and it's more user friendly and easy to Navigate..

    Just a Side note, has anyone else tested out there Skins for Adaware..? As i downloaded 'em and i'm currently using the Yellow theme..


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    New version of Ad-Aware SE 1.03 just released.
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    Originally posted here by kurt_der_koenig
    ...........wheres the free version?....have they forgoten to remember the poor bastards like me? Oh well. I f I can get the money, its worth buying.
    Well if you look at http://files.lavasoft.us
    That is the free version... and it works just fine.....
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    When i run the programm it change my home page to msm.And can not git it off.No matter what i do,It want go away.

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