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Thread: Limit on AP Power

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    Limit on AP Power

    I think there should be a limit on AP Assigments power, i had over 30 AP's and one hit from gore brought me down to -50. 3 more hits and he can ban me, soon he will have more AP's and more power and could basicly be able to ban a member with one hit (theoraticly), and other members will get the same power after a while. And what if a member like that doesnt like another member, like gore doesnt like me, and negged me for a personal opinion, that would be chaos, i think the "gold dot" should be implemented and then that those members can hit the maximum of "so many AP's" either positive or Negative.

    Any comments or disagreements ?

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    Hey Hey,

    I'll disagree... if You're going to limit them... why not just remove them.. either way it's a bad idea.... You're limitting the amount of self-moderation we can do to an even large extent.. If he hits you three more times maybe you'll be banned, but with limits on the time frame between giving APs to somebody it's nothing you have to worry about. It would be assumed that in that time frame, you'll be making valuable posts that will get you postive APs.. if not and it comes around and he's got a reason to neg you again, you still have to be hit too more times. If no one has assigned you positive APs in that time, then you prolly deserve to be banned. All this is another post whining about APs and it's a bad way to start off your new persona with AO dude.

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    I have to agree. If you wanna troll like me, then you deserve every AP you get. You see, when you speak your mind, not afraid to stir the ****, then you need to deal with what comes your way. gore, Negative, HTRegz, v_Ln all have tons and tons of greenies, and if you **** up that's the breaks man.

    Now... Jup did change the impact the AP system did make as well as making the AP center show the names of those who posted them. JP never would have done that, and I remember very vividly about the extended bitch and moan sessions regarding no names with AP's... now I think most have seen the insults, the signing the name to another user, and the alliance bullshit. Now, it is people afraid to give them because of retaliation. You cannot win no matter what.

    I say this. They are nothing more than gif's. If you want them so badly, I will zip them up and send em your way

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    Well tx for the comments, it wasn't whining (i was just setting an example), after getting bannedd what 6-7 times? with thousands of AP's lost, i really can't say that i care too much about them.

    Good point HTregz !

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    Just a little remark: afaik, there is a limit on how many AntiPoints one can give out.

    I don't think your statement (from +30 to -50) is entirely correct... the maximum is a little less than that.

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    Well thank you, thats all someone had to say and not neg me to death.

    I don't think your statement (from +30 to -50)
    it was from +20 something to -49, i just rounded it up....

    anyways, tx.

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    Neg: I'm pretty sure that is quite possible. I know gore has 12,000+ AP's and I know I hit with around 40 myself when I wop someone. So I'm pretty sure gore could hit that hard. Oh, and DreamDown: I think you should let your beef with gore die down. We get the point by now you two don't like each other. No need to continuously bring it up. Just trying to help
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    I know how hard Gore hits (<whisper>*Like a sissy*</whisper&gt... it's the same as a lot (if not all) members on the top-10 list hit with, and it's not as much as DreamDown stated... +20 to -49 is true, +30 to -50 isn't

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    If I rember correctly the impact of what the ap assignment is depends on how many ap's a user has what forum it is currently in and how balanced the user is at the time.

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    gore has 12,000 AP's...*faints*

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