Ok guys I'm almost done with my redesign of www.egeek.co.uk

but have decided to scrap the whole buton exchange thing I had going on and instead have opted to exchange buttons with some selected affiliates. At least that way I get a say as to what sites are being linked from mine

If anyone is intrested please just reply - a couple of things though

:: Site has to be unique - no canned crap.....if you are using something like phpBB thats fine but please have something other than the default layout

:: Ads to a minimum - I'm kinda against linking to people on free hosting as i hate the ads they place everywhere - but if there aint too many should be ok

:: Content - please make sure your site has some - lol

:: Design - if your site makes my eyes bleed chances are I wont want to affiliate with you - lol

other than that can't really think of anything

if we do decide to afiliate then will expect just to do a button exchange - button must be 88x31 if you dont have one I can prolly create one for you