anti virus for linux
recently i cahnged to red hat from 2k, i need to mention that red hat has been quite impresive but one thing keeps biting me.what hapens if i get attacked by a virus in redhat , imean in 2k atleast i had a piece of mind that norton antivirus and zone alarm are doing their job but in red hat ive no antivirus and i recently heard of virus atttacks on linux.though you can count them (virus)on your fingertips and the new versions of linux are patched for it but my problem is that i've a dual boot (98 just in case things get messy with redhat!!i'll ermove that as soon as i get comfy with redhat ) and in case the FAT partion gets infected (somehow)during file transfer over partion.i've 30gb of invaluable data (if iwere to loose it.i'd ve to commit suicide,ya i backed it up in a compressed format in another removable hard disk and kept it safe,but still the time factor)
can any one suggest me and linux anti virus whic is also free..
some one recoomended F-Prot but the problem is that the free version can't clean the infected files,it can only move or remove tham.any more bright idea's???