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Thread: How to Ask Questions The Smart Way/How to Become a Hacker (Eric S. Raymond)

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    How to Ask Questions The Smart Way FAQ

    I recently got this link in a YDL mailing list due to newbies posting to the list sans titles. While our "How to Ask Questions" is good, Mr. Raymond has always had this incredible way with words. Take a few minutes to read it here. (I'd put it directly here but his rules on copying prevents that).

    One of the nicer items off this FAQ is the link on How to Become a Hacker. This should be one of those links that every newbie should consider reading (especially those that ask -- how do I hack xxxx).
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    This stuff realy is great reading. I remember when I first became interested in computers. I remember typing 'how to hack' into a search engine and came up ESR paper on how to become a hacker. It pretty much kept me from leading down the wrong path. Plus it kept me busy and made me interested in programming and how computers really worked.
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