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Thread: Advice about programming

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    Advice about programming

    i want to learn how to write in a useful computer langguage and i am interested to know what would be the bes language for a newbie to get into..... Have have done a little (i mean a little) in Visual Basic and i have also done some PASCAL.

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    also have u got any good tips for teaching yourself how to program...


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    AND>>>>> do u have to buy a program to start learning?

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    Heya... I have used Delphi and like it a lot. It costs like $3000, but reminds of the VB interface. But if you want to learn without paying for it, go here:


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    Try out BASIC for a bit, with a shareware compiler such as Liberty BASIC. But, I wouldn't recommend waddling in it for too long if you want to get into serious programming. After that, look into Googling up some C++ tutorials, or, better yet, buy a book such as C++ Programming in Easy Steps. I bought it, and it's a great book for beginners such as me and you. Avoid C++ for Dummies, as it mixes in useless C preprocessors and commands, and jumps around too much.

    Also, if you want to prep up for the D programming language, learn some Java, as that's what D will pretty much resemble. The D Site.

    EDIT: And, check out Free Programming Resources.com. It'll become one of your main places for programming materials. It covers everything from Ada to XML.

    EDIT 2: Also, yes, FPR is the ultra place for programming resources. Compilers(Console and IDE based), tutorials, sample code, related sites, everything.
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    My vote goes to Java. It will introduce you to Object Oriented Programming, and there are loads of free IDEs and JVMs out there. I personally use Eclipse and Sun's JVM to write all my java.

    As for how to learn, that really depends largely on yourself. How best do you learn? From books? In classes/lectures? By seeing some example code and playing with it until you understand how it works? Once you identify that, your next course of action might seem simple; Buy a book, take a class, download some code samples.
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    I am going to say for a start out language go with perl. (Yeah I know I recommend perl for everything) But for starting programming it really is nice, and easy to get used to.

    I am going to have to say, you are kind of putting the carriage before the horse, if you are trying to write a language, before you can even use one.

    So learn your language first then try to write one. If by any chance you are going to do perl, there is a person named buu on irc.freenode.com in #perl that wrote his own language, he would probably help you out.

    As far as learning I am going to have to agree with chsh, it depends on how you learn. Though I will say the best way to get the grasp of something is to write the code for it. If you read something you will learn, if you write something, you will learn how it works, how it was made, and how to do it again.

    If you do need any perl help, let me know. Other than that good luck.

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    Perl's nice...however, for a complete beginner, I'd say start out with Visual Basic...doesnt' matter if it's ;NET or VB6, although I like VB6. After that I'd recommend you move onto C or Perl, but VB is a good way to get general programmign concepts down. I do have a couple things agaisnt VB though: one, it will only run on Microsuck Windows. bleah. Two, you can develop "bad habits" from it such as not putting semicolons at the ned of lines and stuff, all those little things you gotta do in most other languages. Visual Basic is just kinda a click-and-drag programming language, but it's nice for newbs. Am I repeating myself or what? C is also good to start with.

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    for a complete beginner, I'd say start out with Visual Basic...doesnt' matter if it's ;NET or VB6
    Noooooooooooooo Don't do that ........Though Visual Basic is good for rapidly developing Database type application..........it's bad for starting out..........Induces bad practices and makes the programmer lazy.....it's the worse first language to learn when you are starting off........Don't start off with VB IMO...........if you are just starting the first thing you should look for is learning good programming practices and concepts..........Logic Building......if they are strong you could later on go into any language...........Vb is bad bad for starting for newbws......in the begning rather than concentration on the language try to consentrate on Logic building,good programming practices .if your logics are strong and concepts are clea you can later get into any language

    I don't meant VB is good for nothing ......As a programmer i like Visual Basic........For developing Database Application IMHO thats the only thing it's good at.

    Because you are Just Starting Off I would recommend get into somethig less fancy ......I would recommend go for any language recommended above......... anything but VB.

    C is good .....Structured Programming......Simple and good for logic Building...and forces Programmer to follow Good Programming Practices in a few ways.

    C++ and Java....Object oriented Programming languages.......Good for starting and understanding whats all the fuss is about.............. Object and Classes.......Everythig is going that way be it databases or languages.

    I don't like basic and don't know Delfi or perl so can't comment on them.

    --Good Luck--

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    As I've stated a billion times before, VB doesn't breed bad practices, bad teachers and references do. VB is fine as a beginner language, as are Perl, C/C++, python, Java, C#, etc. Just take the time to go beyond language syntax and learn good programming practices. "The practice of programming" is an excellent guide on good habits and can be found on amazon.
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