Ever wondered what the programmers at Microsoft put in that C:\WINDOWS directory? Well, mostly, it's just a bunch of DLL's. Now, the \WINDOWS\system32 directory is what i'm talking about. Here are a few little Easter Eggs for you to enjoy .

DrWatson32. Program that handles what your system does(such as crash dump location, etc) when you get the infamous BSOD, explorer crashes on you(again), etc. If you've ever seen explorer crash, you'll notice this process run before explorer comes back. Directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\drwtsn32.exe

DrWatson. Windows fault detector. But, it always says "No Faults Detected"... wonder what would happen if we ran it on Windows 95 . Directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\drwtsn.exe

ClipBoard. Windows NT ClipBook Viewer(according to description. Any of you vet's mind explaining it?). Directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\clipbrd.exe

Private Character Editor. Allows you to make your own custom characters for Windows fonts(At least, that's what it claims). Directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\eudcedit.exe

Now, some that I don't know what do(Descriptions are as entered in the Properties menu)...

clipsrv.exe. Windows NT DDE Server. Directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\clipsrv.exe

conime.exe... or .com... whatever. Console IME. Directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\conime.exe

There are more that you ol... well, more experienced Windows users may recognize. Remember, it's allll stored in \system32. Browse around in there, as I know that there's more that you'll end up recognizing. Have fun with these. And remember, if you're beginning to hate Windows again, all you need to do is restart, hold F8, boot into DOS mode, and type: "format c:".