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Thread: Googling tutorial

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    Googling tutorial

    Ok. Here goes nothing. I've been racking my brain for the last
    couple of months trying to figure out what I was going to write my
    first tutorial on. Today when I saw someone post a question and saw
    that they said they couldn't find what they were looking for I went and
    ran a search for what they wanted. I came up with 36,000 results and
    within the first five I found the same exact thing they were answered
    with. It bothered me at first. Then I realised maybe they just didn't
    know how to use google.
    First off, there are many different google sites. If you are searching for general questions you have:
    http://www.google.ca if you are in Canada
    http://www.google.co.uk if you are in the U.K. and if I'm missing anyone sorry I'm sure most of you can probably figure that out.
    If it's operating system specific you have:
    If you are searching for images you can go to:

    For local things you have:
    http://local.google.com/ and for your school<br>
    The last page I'm gonna list is the translator which is a free
    translator while the few I've tryed online wanted some kind of fee. http://www.google.com/language_tools

    Now to get started with a search. I'm just going to write how I do it
    and if anyone has anything to add please do and I'll change
    accordingly. Let's say you just installed SuSE 9.0 and you can't get
    your sound to work. Pull up your browser and bring up www.google.com/linux.
    In the input box you are gonna want to list a couple of things you need
    to list the full operating systems name, the problem which is no sound,
    and maybe even your sound card or in any other case whatever device you
    are having problems with. You want to list as many possible words as
    you can to describe your problem. Except for very common words like to
    or and. But google will exclude words like that so it's really no worry
    it just saves you a little typing.<br>
    So we've got suse 9.0 no sound. Hit the google search button for a list
    of results or the I'm feeling lucky button if you wanna try with the
    first site on the list. Now you want to see how many of the words you
    listed it has in bold in the main title and in the captions below. The
    first one I see on the list show suse9.0 and (sound,but novideo). So that tells you it's way off. The second one in the list says Re: Help- no SOUND on SuSE 9.0.
    So that should ring a big bell and tell you to click there. If you open
    a page and it has a huge list of different problems just go to the edit
    tab and hit find this page and type in what you are looking for on this
    page. Repeat process until you find the answer to your problem.

    There are a couple of other small featurs people might not know about Google as well. Let's say you are about to go to a friends house and you don't want to bother getting the directions from them but you know thier home phone number. www.google.com . Enter the phone number in that magic little box and make sure you put the areacode but don't worry about the dashes and brackets. Hit the google search button. You will get a line that reads : Phone book results for XXXXXXXXXX. Underneath that it will have who's name the number is in and their address. Beside that you will see yahoo maps mapquest. Go to mapquest and you should see a map of the area the person lives in. Under the map it says Get directions to above location. Fill in your address and hit get directions and you've got a printable map to their house. It may be easier for a lot of people just to get the directions over the phone but I'm not really into talking on the phone.
    Another feature I found today was the dictionary. In the search box you type define:word with no spaces between the word and the commmand Hit search google and you get a little list of
    definitions. It's a nice little trick but I like firefox's feature better. You just type
    dict word. And it gives you a little more detail on the word.
    Here's a quick rundown on a few more of the advanced queries and what they do. All of these are ran by going to the google home page and typing the command with a colon after it and the url with no spaces.
    cache: will show you the version of a website that google has in it's cache. So if you run cache:www.antionline.com you get the last page google has on it's servers cache.

    link: Will list pages that have links to that page. So link:www.antionline.com will list any sites that have a link to antionline.

    related: will list sites that are related to the site. related:www.antionline.com brings up a list of security related sites.

    info: is the all around command for the three commmands listed above. info:www.antionline.com gives you a link to the cached site, the linked ones, related sites, and webpages that contain www.antionline.com

    I could break this page down a little more but I feel like I'm just plagerising so I'm going to list the page and let people look over it for themselves. It's a list of all the advanced google operators. http://www.google.com/help/operators.html

    I've had a few people tell me not to post this and a few tell me to post it .I ran it through a lot of people and wasn't going to post it. But I went through and made a lot of the changes people suggested and decided to post it. It'll drive me nuts if I don't follow through with it after I started on it. O well happy hunting.

    Here's a link to Soda's google security tutorial:
    And 3rr0r's Google as a Hacking Tool:
    Netsyn's guide to searching for newbies:
    And a link to Negative's tutorial link page:
    And specifically the page on searching the internet:
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    I didnt kow about the OS specific google site - thanks man.

    Not, to sure about the phone numbers though, I may work with americain numbers but it doesnt with the english ones i tried.
    Its illegal in the UK to do a reverse phone number search, so maybe thats why?

    Very Nice tutorial though!
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    well it open and working!!

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