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Thread: Cisco Router Connection

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    Cisco Router Connection


    I need assistance on how I will connect my cisco router 3640 to a system not to switch/hub for troubleshooting through Ethernet port not console nor auxiliary port...

    I just want to know if is possible to connect straight from the ethernet port of the router to system NIC and how will I make the cabling?

    I tried straight and cross over cabling, but did even blink... I am sure there is a way in making the cabling work.

    Cisco gurus should please intervain/advice on this issue.

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    Im not a ciso guru but i should imagine you would just connect your ethernet cable from your NIC to the ethernet port on your router and go from there.

    Did nothing hepen at all when you tried it, i.e connection/data lights on the router?
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    Connecting to your port is one thing, getting connectivity is another.

    1. Make sure both are powerd
    2. connect PC - router ( if the cable is ok you should get the green leds on )
    3. If its orange or sumtin on the router, check speed and duplex on both interfaces
    4. Setup ip, ipx adresses or whatever you need.
    5. If you setup both sides, you should be possibel to ping from both sides, maybe even telnet.

    Consider you need to setup or a dhcp pool, setup static ip adresses, subnetmasks, encapsulations and so on ..
    A cisco normally doesn't have a default confiuration like you would have on a basic-home-router.

    What i would do is console in the router and setup the ethernet interface, connect the PC and setup the PC likewise. That should dot it.

    Hope this helps,
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    You'll need a crossover cable.

    DO NOT USE THE BLUE ROLLOVER CABLE, that's for the console.

    Here's some explaination, it's for another type of equipment but the connections are the same.

    Connectors and Cable Specifications

    Oh and don't forget to issue a no shutdown on the interface you wish to use.

    Edit: Moderator, there's something fishy going on with the url posted. I did it several times pasting the correct URL. Somehow there's a %20 somewhere in the middle and a <br%20/> near the end. I didn't put them in.
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    Dont forget the no shutdown command on your ethernet inferface on Cisco.

    Also with a crossover cable, you may have problems if the interface (s) are forced to full duplex.

    sorry sirdice beat me to the no shut command...

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    thanks guys, it works by using the cross-over cable.
    thanks also to antionline forum (site) for all this nice and wonderful assistance thru other gurus in this small village world.

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    if it's the first time for the router to setup,you can't connect to it with a normal RJ-45 cable,
    'cause the ethernet port is administratively shutdown,you have to connect it with a rollover
    cable,hope it helps.

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    This is a link to a pdf file that contains the same content that SirDice's link would bring you to and it will allow you to save a copy.

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