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Thread: mr.fed wants you!

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    Lightbulb mr.fed wants you!

    Hey read this first::::

    Now, aren't these the same people who would of busted down your door because of that knowledge? How do they expect people to know how to hack if they put everybody in prision and silenced the knowledge base( ex. web sites, books, etc ). What do you guys think of this? For the hackers its kind of sleeping with the enemy.

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    well, you can get to be a sharpshooter without actually shooting someone! the feds are looking for people with a strong background in security, pentesting, etc. not skiddies.

    just my 2¢
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    Tedob's got it right, they are looking for people with lots of security knowledge who know how to do stuff, people like Tiger Shark and TH13 (shoot, they already got him )
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    They may have Tiger too, for all we know.
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