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    Tutorial Requests

    I've had more than one person come to me and ask something down the lines of "I'm drawing a blank. Can you think of a good tutorial I could write?" Since I'm almost always in the middle of trying to figure something out, I can usually come up with at least one or two. I'm sure there's plenty others like me who have stuff they'd like to learn but have yet to see a tut on it.

    So, I'm starting this thread in GCC in hopes that it will provide a medium to a) help less knowledgable members request information and b) give a pool for people looking to write tutorials to choose from.

    So that said, there are two topics I'd like to see tutorials on. I don't know much about either of these myself:

    1) HTTP Tunneling.
    2) Methods of web security (example: HTTPS).

    So if you're looking to write a tut but can't think of anything, I'd suggest one of those two.

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    Maybe you should think twice.Do we really need a whole forum? Since requests would mostly be one-line questions, we could just have everyone use this thread. A sticky perhaps?

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