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Thread: Tutorial Requests

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    Originally posted here by 11001001
    I'd love Irongeek to do a tut (or at least a thread) on how his signature works.
    I get such a kick out of it.
    He did, right here:



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    Thanks DJM.

    I guess I missed it...
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    Hey, was just wondering if anyone can do one or point me to a really good begginer's tutorial/guide on PHP. I've been meaning to learn more about it and I want to be an advanced php coder. I wanna experiment with different values and learn how to use strings and basically the bare-bones basics.

    Thanks by the by
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    Yeah, and piont me to follow him when you point him...I need to learn that too presently!

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    I have been collecting material for my Independent Study. so i would be very please if someone could help me getting that.
    The topic is Quantum Computation & security related issues with it.
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    Pooh mentioned something about scanning a network by hand instead of using an all-in-one network scanner. If someone could teach the basics of THAT in a tutorial, they will forever gain my praise!

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    Could someone whip up a tutorial on the basics of forum security? VBulletin, InvisionBoards, etc...What dangers are out there, how to prevent being 0wn3d, best practices, etc.

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    What's HTTP tunneling?

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    Maybe you should think twice.Do we really need a whole forum? Since requests would mostly be one-line questions, we could just have everyone use this thread. A sticky perhaps?

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    Request tutorials should have separate forum.

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