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Thread: Gmail not secure

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    Gmail not secure

    I found an article about google's GMail.
    If i read the article, it seems that gmail isn't that secure as it should be.
    The article says that it can be hacked with 3 simple steps (i doubt it will be simple).

    Full article:

    According to a report by OfficialWire, software designed to hack Google's (google.com) newly launched Gmail service was released last week, developed by a hacking group in Australia known as AusPhreak.

    The software reportedly allows hackers to break into Gmail accounts by following a simple three-step process. Google, the report said, has already responded with the instigation of a visually-oriented anti-robot test.

    The news comes as Google attempts to deal with criticims of the Gmail service from various advocacy groups.

    Gmail, Google's free Web-based email service, was launched in April amid controversy when it unveiled plans to generate revenue for the service by using its contextual advertising technologies to scan emails and place ads related to the message contents. Privacy concerns were raised by a number of groups and the California Senate drafted legislation to limits Gmail’s capabilities.

    Google's Gmail is currently in beta testing.
    source: http://www.thewhir.com

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    When posting a link, if at all possible please include the full link rather than just the one to the main site:

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    I'm gonig to wait to see how easy it is to be hacked before I start flaming Google. I have yet t ohear what these three simple steps are, adn then I'll be critical of gmail. Personally, I think everybody's jumping on the I-hate-gmail bandwagon for no good reason, maybe they're just sick of hating Microsoft, adn need some one else to hate. As a gmail user, I know that gmail is much better than hotmail or Yahoo. And about the ads...sure, don't send highly confidential emails, but I have no problem with the ads. I don't even notice them most of the time, they're little text ads, not like the huge banners on Hotmail and Yahoo. I don't want to see Google turn into the next Microsoft. The difference is obvious too me: Microsoft selss $hitty products, Google produces great prudcts. For example: the best search engine on earth. So if you need some one to hate, hate me if you must...just don't hate Google.

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    I can't imagine people sending "highly confidential" or classified matter over gmail, hotmail, yahoo or any other email service on the internet. It is too risky and I am sure companies have policies in place to not allow it. Over local intranet .. now that is fine of course

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    Originally posted here by fyrewall
    I can't imagine people sending "highly confidential" or classified matter over gmail, hotmail, yahoo or any other email service on the internet. It is too risky and I am sure companies have policies in place to not allow it. Over local intranet .. now that is fine of course
    Policies don't stop people unfortunately. It does happen, and it is bad.
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    Enter PGP:

    AFAIK, unbreakable with current computing. Doesn't matter if your email is secure or not if it is encrypted well.

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    Oh no! You mean someone can be looking at my daily free pr0n?!

    Thats it! I'm going back to yahoo....

    Soda: Can you use PGP with web based mail?
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    Originally posted here by phishphreek80

    Soda: Can you use PGP with web based mail?
    Hey Hey,

    Well I was trying to not post any more as my own personal form of silent protest but I guess I'm too much of an addict.. oh well.... who knows maybe AO will change for the good on it's own...

    Anyways the question was directed at Soda.. but the answer is Hushmail. It provides free Web based PGP email.

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    I use gmail, and I like it, I have not had a single problem with it yet. If you have highley confedential stuff dont send it via email, especially a free email service. wow stupid people deserve what they get.
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    You can use PGP for anything! It has mail client plug ins, but they are not neccessary. You simply copy text into the sys. clipboard, and you select a recipient from your keyring, and the text in your clipboard is encrypted. PGP has servers that you upload your public key to, so you don't have to ask for someones key. Public-private key encryption like this is very powerful. Or you can use conventional encryption, which just takes a private key.
    It is a must for anyone with email, especially at the corporate level.

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