ok recently ive read 2 books that i think are very good

the first one i read was "Running Linux" by orielly
this one covers a great deal of information from preping your comp for linux to getting X up and running...and most every section includes a troubleshooting section aswell....very imformative for the new linux user...they even have a few hidden jokes and bashes....kinda said im sitting in math class reading a computer manuel and chuckling

the second book was "Hacker Cracker"
friend is borrowing this book so i dont remember the company but the hacker this book is about is named ejovie...spelling?
its the story of how a kid grows up in bed stuy of new york to become a very VERY good unix and bsd genieus

i recomend both of these books to everyone

running linux = 45$...may differ in some areas
hacker cracker = 12$...also may differ in some areas

enjoy your computer litrerature