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Thread: networking a win2k3 and XP machine

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    networking a win2k3 and XP machine


    I'm trying to set up file sharing with my win2k3 server and winXP.

    My winXP machine can see the 2k3 server but the 2k3 server cannot see the xp machine

    also when I try to access the 2k3 shared folder from xp it requires that the user put in a password, but when i put the admin password in it says you don't have permission to access these files

    It tried to give permission in the properties of the shared folder but the 2k3 server does not see the XP machine to give permission to it.

    Can some help?
    Thank You

    P.S I'm setting this up so that i start doing vulnerability tests.

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    If the xp machine is home version and the server is a domain controller you will run into problems. As xp home edition can not join a domain.

    If this is the problem you are experiencing, demote the server and set up your network as a workgoup.
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    The XP machine should still be able to see/access the shares I think.

    Do you haev a firewall up on one of the machines?

    Try adding a second account and then making sure that you give both permission, and access to the file for that user.

    I'm running a Win 2k3 Enterprise as a PDC and I have a couple computers not ont he domain that can access some shares just as long as they supply the right password and username.

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    If you W2K3 machine is in a domain, what credentials are you trying to authenticate with? Try using domain\user and see if you can access it. If you're using XP home, try starting the netlogon service.

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    All who posted have valid points.

    Here are some things you should check to make sure it is not a simple fix.

    1. Check the XP box and see if the default XP firewall is up and running you can check this by:

    right click my network places -- click properties -- choose the correct network adapter right click and go to properties -- choose the advanced tab and uncheck the box to turn firewall off.

    2. Make sure if you are running something like norton that their firewall is not conflicting

    3. Make sure you are not trying to make the computer join a domain. Although a XP home computer cannot join a domain it can still log on to a root.

    To do this, map a network drive. When mapping the drive choose to log on with a different username and password and enter the correct information. If this doesn't work create a new username + password (that is on the server) on the XP home machine and log onto it. Then remap the drive.

    4. Make sure the permissions are allowed on the folder for others to access it.

    It tried to give permission in the properties of the shared folder but the 2k3 server does not see the XP machine to give permission to it.
    Instead of doing this by a machine do it by username and password.

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