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Thread: Php MS Exchange Problem

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    Php MS Exchange Problem

    Hello, first time posting here.

    I have come across a strange problem. I will try and give you a brief description on how I came across this problem.

    I have a friend who works in a politically satire company. They waste a lot of money. So it came as no surprise he would call about a new system they are trying to install. The system works off proprietary software and I have relative experience administrating this software. So he calls me with a description of what was going on, I take a screen shot and email it to him.

    This is where the problem comes in, the screen shot defaults to [year][day][month][hours][mins][secs].php.jpg

    I receive another call that the email was never received. I send it again, no email, sent it, no email. I never get a bounce back from the email, it just wasn't there. I take a look at the attachment, see the .php.jpg and change it to .jpg (removed the .php) and send it. He finally receives the email.

    Wondering why the email never came, I decided to ask him about the server. It is a Microsoft Exchange 2000 server, running all the goodies, enterprise editions of virus scans, firewalls, etc............. (Note: I have little experience with exchange and email servers.)

    He looks into the logs for me at my request, and does not find anything dealing with my emails (except the one he received). I get a bright ideal, which ruins his week. Why not right a script to see if the server is trying to parse the php. Write script, rename it .php.txt, and send. Bingo. Emailed confirmation that the server parsed the script. (I also tried sending just an email that had .php no double extension, got bounce back)

    I have found nothing pertaining to this anywhere.

    So is this a known problem? Is it just his system, caused by third party software, or how the server is set up?

    Any suggestions are welcomed. I just need to know if this is just a fluke of a problem.

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    How did you confirm the server parsed the script?

    I fail to see any relation between PHP and Exchange
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