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    Quick Question

    I remember in my High School programming class, we used to mess around alot. And I am trying to remember a key combination. This key combinations flips you desktop screen upside down, and side to side depending on which arrow you press. I have been looking on the internet and cant find anything. I also used the Windows help and cant find it. I know I found it somewhere, cuz no one told me about it, but I cant seem to find it again. I was wondering if anyone knows what I am talking about, or knows this key combinations.
    Thanks for any help.


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    Hrmm, that sound's weird. Only time I ever heard of being able to flip the screen and that mess was with a trojan or something. Didn't think there was a mere couple of key's you can press to do that.
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    Don't know about the key combo, but if you would like to flip
    your screen you can right click on the desktop, select properties,
    select the setings tab, advanced, click on GeForce tab, on the left
    pop out screen select NVRotate and choose a rotation.

    This is for nVIDIA, so i don't know about other cards.....

    Hope this helps.....cheers TidaL.....

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    Ctrl+Alt+(down button)

    Ctrl+Alt+(up button)
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    Hi Epison07,

    I vaguely remember that! . I am not sure if it was operating system dependent or hardware dependent or a combination of both, can you remember the box and OS you were using?

    It was kind of cool, rather like finding the flight simulator in Office 97 excel (excel 8)..........I will ask around, as I have forgotten.

    I have just tried it on this WinME machine and cannot get it to work, but the screen driver supports rotation anyway, as it is one of those flat screens you can physically rotate. I think that it worked with Win3.1x and/or Win95?


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