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Thread: Recieved virus's from Unreal Tournament

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    Recieved virus's from Unreal Tournament

    I was playing unreal tournament a while ago and revieved some virus's from a clan i played, we were not using a clan server but a public one, it took ages to get totaly rid of all the virus's but for future gamming, i was interested to how they gave me the virus's so i can protect myself for the future.... I was using a firewall, and running norton, At the time i was in an IRC channel talking to them (arguing) and UT crashed then my PC was never the same again!!!!!!


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    1. Is it a legal copy of UT? If not, where did you get it from?

    2. Have you downloaded or installed any files from the internet, or something that someone on IRC gave you?

    3. What browser do you use to surf the web?

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    1) use good clients
    2) disabled file transfer or any kind of communication except chat

    I bet you get virus thru IRC.

    But, since i know nothing about UT, does this game has any kind of Mods? if Yes, Are you running one?
    Im asking that because on some games i use to play there is "malware" mods.
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