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Thread: Tutorial Writing Format

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    Tutorial Writing Format

    Would it be feasible to change the Message field editor in the Tutorial Forums to aid the writting of them?

    Whilst the format is perfectly ok for other forums, due to the extra information that is provided in tutorials it would be eaiser if there was a Word style editor to write them with.

    When I wrote a tutorial on Buffer Overflows I (foolishly) wrote it in word and had a fair ammount of diagrams to help explain what I was talking about but when I come to cut and paste it all the formating went gaa gaa and I had to delete a lot out.

    The next one I wrote I first done it notepad but I still had to spend a lot of time formating it after I had C+P it.

    I would have been a lot easeir if instead of having this standard editor to make posts, there was a more advanced one for the tut's forum!

    I would surley aid in the development of more detailed tutorials.

    I know you could write it in word and then add it as an attachment but thats not quite the same!

    Does this make sense to anyone?
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    Here's something that might help in the meantime...

    If you have wordwrap turned ON in notepad, turn it off before you copy the text out. When you paste it into the text field in the Tuts forum, it should take on the page attributes that it normally would if you just typed the whole thing in there.
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