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Thread: XP SP2 Functionality Change List

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    XP SP2 Functionality Change List

    This was very helpful for me when screaming about the decision to deploy this service pack. Maybe others can use it as ammo too.



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    screaming? At a minimum it will be 3 weeks before I can get this rolled out. And THEN, something I have never done..... 1 PC at a time. That's what I am thinking. I have way too many custom connections to a dozen or so different platforms to roll it out via Group Policy. Doing it the old fashioned way?
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    Well I am still sticking with Windows 2000 Pro for awhile. I like the OS so my corp is going to like it. I know it may not have all the bells and whistles of XP but I still like it better.

    Good link though I enjoyed it.

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    I have been testing it out too. So far, *crosses fingers*, nothing has been "broken".

    I'm doing one PC at a time per config.
    I don't need whole departments screaming at me when/if it does break something.

    Thanks for the link. Tons of info... probably end up wading through it this weekend.
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