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Thread: News storys

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    News storys

    Seen as a large majoirty of the content on AO tends to be made up of news storys mostly from places like /. and the such like, why doesnt AO have a specific forum for this with a script that gathers these news storys and starts a topic on them.

    Seems pointless having people post them here all over the place when im sure a large amount of people have already been to /., the register, wired, etc... before coming to AO to get there morning geek fix.

    just a thought


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    I agree, plus sometimes it's hard to find which forum to put it in if it's a wide ranging article.
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    Now that's an interesting idea! I'll look into it and see what we can come up with. Of course, I'd also be interested in seeing that "news gathering script," but even if it's manually done it'd be nice.

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    Didn't JP have a news feed in place at one point? I'm almost positive he did.
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    He did, I'm not sure of the details but it was popular anyway.

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    Would a news Post Board not be a better idea, instead of a News Forum, where people can just posta link to the article with maybe a brief discription of what its about?

    You could run into copyright issues if you start copying news from other sites but a link and a discription would keep everyone safe!
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    a rss feed to syndicate the news would be good to, about the above suggestion, wouldnt that then be more of a blog?
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