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Thread: Firefox Features in Internet Explorer

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    Firefox Features in Internet Explorer


    I know firefox right now is the widely accepted "best" in internet security browser, HOWEVER because of some oracle applications i have to run that refuse to work in anything other than IE i am stuck with it. (Also, I Have only ever gotten windows update to work through IE) so i was left with a dilemma, i want tabbed browsing and ad blocking, and i cannot switch over to Firefox.

    After searching for awhile, i eventually stumbled upon Avant Browser. From what i can tell, it uses all the Internet Explorer engines (i have had full compatibility thus far) and gives me all the features i love from Firefox (Adblock, Tabbed Browsing, Native popup blocking, and Theming)

    I figured i would post all this for 2 reasons --
    1) an alternative for the die hard IE fan or the person unfortunately stuck with it (like me)
    2) to see what some other opinions are on this browser add-on (as far as pop-up blocking and security goes -- other than the obvious "it has all the holes of IE")

    if you want to download it you can get it from:

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    You could just use IE for those "apps" that won't run anywhere else (I create shortcuts to launch those sites like programs) and use firefox for the 98% remainder of the internet.

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    And for those that want the plugin capability of firefox, and everything avant can do, visit:


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    Originally posted here by pooh sun tzu
    And for those that want the plugin capability of firefox, and everything avant can do, visit:

    Love the MYIE2 overlay but some sites just don't work right with it.
    Seems to have similar issues with web apps that Mozilla has..

    It does have a ton of cool "wish IE did this" features.

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    ss2chef: Not to start a flame, but since it is based off of the IE dll's and rendering engine, then it won't look -any- different than it would in default IE. Not only have I never had that problem, but it is logically and technically impossible for it to duplicate Mozilla errors since it is the IE rendering engine.

    These front ends are not browsers in themselves, just frontends for the existing IE engine which is required to already be installed. So, if Myie2 displays it wrong, IE displays it wrong. Different front ends, same dll's

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    I'm going to have to go with pooh on this one. Given the fact of the month long exploit in IE I changed the browser at work to Firefox and with some tweaking and myie2 got everything working acoss my network in about 24 hours. Ok Ok I did the changes and the owners called me on the carpet for it but hey looking at the exploit I figured make the changes and beg forgiveness from them it worked. Everyone love Firefox now over IE on my network they think I'm some sort guru or something. Just did my job fact is IE last update was 2 or 3 years ago and M$ said next big update will be vor vaporware Longhorn?
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    The problem is, that using any IE / MSHTML based browser, you will run into the same lame rendering bugs that IE has, and thus properly written web sites will not show correctly.

    Fortunately this is a minor problem for most users because there are so few properly written web sites

    In fact, there are some sites SO LAME that they will only work WITH the IE rendering bugs.

    Of course web apps which need activex or whatever are only going to work in IE - but who cares. Add them to your "trusted" zone and be done with it.

    IMHO the only reason for using IE is to run Windows Update (which is of course not a problem if you're not in Windows)


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    There's a simple philosophy here: if you can't view it with Firefox, there's NO POINT in viewing it at all.

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    Situation is evolving. I have very recently followed the creation of the V2 of a big site (5000+ members, in majority tech newbies). This V2 had been only coded with IE in mind at the begining, and the admin has finally been quickly obliged to switch to a more Mozilla compatible code when all support forums exploded under Firefox's users' complaints.
    Firefox users were so numerous and active that it was impossible to forget them!
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    BTW: there is a Plug in for firfox tha allows you to open a link in IE.. The plugins are bloody handy..
    As for win updates?.. whats the problem ..unless you are planning to remove IE completly..
    MyIE2.. is good.. GAve it away after using Firefox on test for a month.. neither are perfect..

    useing Firefox at home I have the very little cleanup of Crap each week on any of the machines.. especialy 15yo daughters..

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