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Thread: Deploying Firefox on Windows

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    Deploying Firefox on Windows

    Decided to use Firefox in your org but still not sure how to deploy it? This guide will show you how to build and deploy custom Firefox configurations on numerous Win PCs. It has been tested on XP, 2000, and 2003.


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    A quick sidenote, I used to remove spyware/malware daily from my home and work PC. After switching to FireFox, I no longer get any spyware/malware. All of it came from surfing the web with IE.
    Thanks for the info on custom deployments
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    Thanks for the link jdenny. It may come in handy for me because I'm currently reviewing a full-scale deployment of Firefox on my corporate network. Seems like it would save me some time...
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    I have to say fireFox is a fantastic program. Ive been setting up internet cafes for a while and If i cant convert a owner to some soft of *nix system because they demand windows internet explore get replaced with firefox. It cuts the time i spending removeing 100's of bits of malware from there network.

    So i have to just say FireFox #1

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