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    I have a question about windows scripting. I found this book on my desk about an hour ago and it was all vbscript jscript ..... Windows scripting host, windows scripting etc. I've never considered this before but after reading a bit i'm a quite interested. my QUESTION is I'm using notepad and nowhere in this book does it say how to SAVE the file and by saving I mean what File extention should i use? I might have the totally wrong idea about this i'm writing this script in notepad.exe but do you any of you people have any tips or anything for me maybe an Editor? or any useful tips about this subject. thanks in advance.

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    Save vbscript files as .VBS, and javascript as .JS.
    That way they'll be executable when you double click them

    As for editors, check the net for free "programming editors"
    They have syntax highlighting. Tell the editor what programming
    language you are writing, and it will will put certain keywords
    in different colors to help you keep your code better organized
    and formatted.
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    THANK you thank you oh l33t one I was waiting for a reply so I get down to my scripting....... i've already cut my workload down by minutes ; )

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    From there you may want to look into how COM works and how to script with it via wsh (windows script host - what you are currently using). There are usually some examples on your windows machine on how to use it to deal with active directory, iis, word, excel, etc. There are also some very good sites out there on the internet.
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