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Thread: Extendia AVG - Test and Evaluate

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    Extendia AVG - Test and Evaluate

    Extendia AVG -Evalution and Testing
    Wanted to share this with our members. I had the opportunity to test and evaluate Extendia AVG Single Engine out. I have tested this on my computer, and looking forward to your comments on it. Of course different results will vary I realize this. Appreciate your input. Here is what I found out.

    My OS 98SE - Compaq 5441 - 184RAMS - AMD Processor 476 mghz.
    "Installation" - Installation went smoothed no problems, reboot was not required. This is the first antivirus that did not require a reboot, I am impressed.
    "Resouces"- My resources were at 94% and process in memory was 5,828 kb. This is excellent one of the best I have tested, especially user friendly for older computers.
    Registeration- No problem everything went smoothed.
    "GUI" - Your main interface is user friendly and easy to use for the novice to the advanced user, nicely done!!!
    "Scan C Drive" - I ran a complete scan of my C Drive which took 1 hour and 5 minutes. Now out of 30 antivirus softwares I have tested the average time to scan is about 30 minutes. The fastest scan was Nod32 which took 8 minutes. Your antiviurs checked 13,769 files. I would have to say this is a bit long in my humble opinion.
    "Virus Detection - I compressed in double zip format 30 of the current and 25 of older virus application which I placed on my computer in various files. Your antivirus software detected them all.
    I also had a associate send me via email attachments 6 variant virus applications. (My internet provider was notified ahead of time to allow these to access my pc) Your antivirus software detected them all.
    Now of course the standard Eicar test your software passed with flying colors.

    "Trojan Test"
    I wanted to see if your antivirus would detect a trojan simulator test. However after activiating it, your antivirus did not detect it in memory. 99% of all antivirus softwares I tested failed this test.

    As this is a initial evaluation I must say your antivirus software is a excellent product.
    Oh yes....one dawback I fogot to mention. Now this is only a observation on my part but with your software installed my computer was slowed down a bit. Web pages did not load as fast and other applications were a bit slow on loading.
    This would be the only draw back I found.
    Here is Extendia web site please test for yourselfs.

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    I'm a bit confused as to your link in your second post.. it's dead.. as you must of copy/pasted it as well as it's a link to their firewall.. The correct firewall link would be..

    Now I'm a big fan of kaspersky due to it's low overhead as well as being a good scanner and now I'm confused once again because eXtendia says it "includes the highly respected and leading AntiVirus solution from Kaspersky labs" .. so what is it ? is a a repackaged kaspersky ? did they license kasperky's engine or defs? hmmm..

    and yeah.. I really don't know any AV's that are good trojan scanners..
    looks like people should have an array of software.. A firewall, a few trojan scanners, a few AV's, a few spyware scanners. nothing picks it all up. apart from firewalls, my choice is not to trust just one solution.

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    What is 476 mghz? 476 mega-Giga-Hertz or is it your shorthand for MegaHertz?

    As I said in one of your other reports.. just me being picky.. and RAMS? you have 184 of them?

    other than these, your layout is improving.. and as commented before Its effect on cpu intensive progs .. i may sugest a 3dmark test or some other test that you can use as a benchmark

    "Trojan Test"
    I wanted to see if your antivirus would detect a trojan simulator test. However after activiating it, your antivirus did not detect it in memory. 99% of all antivirus softwares I tested failed this test.
    Who is saying this? and to whome? what test is being used? I am interested..

    Is this a C&P of a report on a website or a copy of your report to boomerang software?
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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