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Thread: Stupid Ad on AO home page.

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    Stupid Ad on AO home page.

    Has anyone else noticed that Ad about Windows peak performance being More than 200% better than Linux...

    Anyone else on AO agree with that?

    I personnally disagree to the fullest... It is only better if you are not as Smart as others.... And that means it is just better for your use...
    I think it should say that windows is 1,000,000% easier to use for program installation or secureing or maby repairing...
    Because there is like no way it is or can ever be better than linux or run at a higher performance in anyway at all... It is impossible!

    Anyone else agree?

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    sounds like common M$ propaganda to me
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    shutup you are annoying

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    Originally posted here by er0k
    shutup you are annoying
    Why is he annoying? For speaking his mind? For haveing an opinion?

    I agree somewhat with jr05linux. I know windows better but Linux does seem to run faster.

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    Personally, I'm getting sick of seeing the same Centrino ad over and over again on the front page - it's incredibly annoying. Same goes for the HP ad - are there only two or three ads in rotation at the moment or am I just unlucky?
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    or am I just unlucky?
    Me thinks that your just unlucky, as i don't see any ads.....

    Oops forgot i'm running the Proxomitron..

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    To see the ads of your choice, you'll have to contact Jupitermedia. Make sure to bring enough cash, though

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    Has anyone else noticed that Ad about Windows peak performance being More than 200% better than Linux...
    Actually if you had took the time to read that ad before complaining about it, you would have seen that it was on about Windows Servers vs Linux Servers not the Operating Systems or did you just choose to ingnore that in your Anti-Windows campaign -

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    If windows performed 200% better then no one would use *nix would they? , I would love to see how they got to the 200% though? Anyone want to dig that up and post it as my disdain for ads and love of squid w/adzap prevents me
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    Here's the one the ad is based on I believe.
    And here's one I found last night while looking for the above report.
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