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Thread: Linux Adds

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    Linux Adds

    I think that instead of haveing windows advertised all over AO homepage... If there is a better percentage of people who are more interested in linux than windows, Such as myself, There should be linux Adds on the homepage or linux links on the homepage... Maby, But that is only if there are a better percantage of individuals who Are more interested in linux than windows.

    Just a suggestion.

    And may i ask a Question?

    Well is there a way to start a site POLL so that you can figure out who is more interested in linux than windows... So we can find out what Adds that others would like to have advertised on the homepage if it is at all possible?

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    Adds what adds.......i Don't see any adds ............and for that matters i like windows but definately not advertisment about it popping up ........Why do you want to see adds in the first place.

    i don't think Advertisment are done by choice....Microsoft pays to get there advertisment in here.......Ask those Linux Guys to pay up we could include their ads too

    And whats this anti M$ propoganda this is the second thread by you at the same time harping about the same thing......you take adds vary seriously buddy lighten up a little.


    And to start a Poll

    Start a New thread

    Type the Body text and the Tytle

    At the bottom and check the "Yes post a poll" box

    Click Submit New Thread

    A new Screen will Come up Fill in the poll choices and there ya go

    --Good Luck--

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    The only ad I have ever seen for Windows here is the one you are moaning about in the thread SwordFish has linked to.

    Unfortunatly advertising doesnt work by people holding a poll as to what adverts they want to see.

    It works by the company selling the product, contacting the place they want to put the ad on and them paying them to display it!

    Im sure Linux Companies want to advertise on AO they will contact the relevent people at JM and make arrangments that way.
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    Also, they have a survey about that ad in particular that will pop up on you every once in a while. I got it last night. So maybe you'll get it sometime and you can actually tell them what you think about it.
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    lol SwordFish_13.... maby i can ask them to pay?...lol

    Yah but thx for telling me how to start a poll i tried twice and could not get it.

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    hehe, you go where the money is.

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    many of the ads on antionline are automaded and the admins/mods dont get much of a choice. Like most banner/ad services its probably pay per click/view, so you dont get much control. I dont see why the ad space is such a big deal, would you fight over the ads on tv? Less Mc. Donalds, more Dairy Queen!
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