Those of us who have played Counter-Strike, or have watched the movie understand how annoying [myg0t] members can be. They hack, they ruin your fun, and are just plain aggrivating. For this reason, I've being scripting an admin mod plugin for a server I play at. Because this is the only forum I know of that would probably be able to help without flaming me down. Those of you who have programmed in C will find Small rather familiar in terms of syntax.

Here's the code so far:

This plugin is made to kick and give 1 hour minute bans to people wearing the myg0t tag. I am not responsible for anything that may happen by using this plugin.
Please distrubute plugin source code with the .amx file, so server owners may
customize it as they wish. This plugin is written for the =D|2= Digital Riot Clan Server.
Special thanks to Infected2506 for helping me write this
/*The #include's for the plugin*/
#include <core>
#include <console>
#include <string>
#include <plugin>
#include <admin>
#include <adminlib>

/*some constants and crap*/
 new g_Version[]="1.0" /* the plugin version number... obviously */
 new str_[]("[myg0t]")
/*some events*/

  public plugin_init()
    plugin_registerinfo("Plugin to scan playernames for the infamous [myg0t] tag, and ban
    them for a full hour");
   /* Handling the strings for the names(thanks Infected for your help */
   public plugin_connect(HLUserName, HLIP, UserIndex) {
   	new strName[MAX_NAME_LENGTH];
	convert_string(HLUserName, strName, MAX_NAME_LENGTH);
/* the following's some pseudo code that is soon to be converted to Small. If anyone has
a knowledgeable understanding here, that would be great */
strsr "HLUserName"
 if(mygot == HLUserName)
  then(admin_ban HLUserName 60)
If someone could read through it, and point at any mistakes(minus the pseudocode at the end), I would be very thankful.