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Thread: disabling search

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    disabling search

    I was wondering if there is a registry tweak or tool that can disable users from using the search function that comes with xp. I have searched around but have been unlucky in coming up with anything. Thanks for any help.

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    should have the info you need

    is about half way down - simple registry tweak


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    Thanks alot valhallen. I knew there had to be some registry entry somewhere.

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    maybe I missed it.. but that reg tweak will only disable it from the start menu...

    can't a user still right click on start, and choose "search"?
    or, they can open an explorer window and press control F?

    I didn't test the reg tweak... but seems like there should be plenty of work arounds...

    not to mention the find command in cmd...

    maybe you'll want to search for a way to do it via security policy or group policy?
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    Trying to hide something?

    Rather than hiding the search function.. try to encrypt the data or the data folder..

    or try hiding ur drive.... it wont show in search/in explorer... but still can be access if u type it "J:\" or "drive:"..


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