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Thread: educating the public

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    educating the public

    Her PC was in such bad shape, it required 10 1/2 hours of surgery to restore it to working condition.

    It's nice to see a decent article in the mainstream media. I wonder if
    any progress is being made to bring general users up to speed on
    the fundamentals.
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    Nice post. The article was a good read. I am still a high school student and our computers have been bogged down with so much spyware and adware it is unbelievable. I talked to the IT guy that keeps the network going and he said he spends 8 hrs a day removing spyware and cleaning computers up. I have talked and talked to the schoo; officials on the need for a class on the basics of computer security but it is still a no go. It still seems as though many people believe that everything off off the internet has to be good or if a window pops up that says you are infected and you must go here to fix it then it must be true. It may not be true in other parts of the world but in my area users are stil in the dark ages as far as the fundamentals go.

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