A bunch of little (or not so little, sometimes) security sites are owned by AO members. We could create an "AO network" with all those sites, which would contain what JupM don't want to host, as suggested albn. We could even imagine to make specialized sites: one for admin tools, one for e-zines, one for exploits...
So, AO would be the central point of a whole organized community sites network.
Some problems may arise from this. As member web sites come and go so quickly. That means links will have to be updated constantly which would be a real pain in the ass. I cannot see AO condoning a "network" that is official anyway. Maybe I need to be a little clearer on the idea. If somebody has something to contribute if JupMedia does not want to officially recognize it, members can post a link to that resource. That way it is up to the user to update other users for changes to that resource.

IMHO, I do not see JupMedia really doing this because of the risk involved. There is too much riding on sponsors, and the other sites it has acquired, and if one site is known for problems, then other sites can be reflected from that one site if in fact it does carry a good guy in a black hat image.

As you know, JP really had no risk because it was all his and no coorperation owned it. Granted, he was careful and did all he could, but he jumped ship when the Titanic was sinking. Many think it was the AntiPoints, but it was not, and never has been. It lost focus.

How can we bring this site BACK into focus? That is a question that can only be answered by JupMedia, because it is shaking the very foundations on what the site is right now. That means changing a lot of code, moving **** around and a lot of stuff they just cannot be bothered to because they have a LOT of other sites to manage and keep going. While they may have the money, I do not think it is a wise business decision to change things around because albn wants a darker feel to it. It will take a lot more to do that, and that may require a LARGE majority of this site to demand it. Demand makes for change because money makes the world and web sites go around. I seriously doubt every member cares for this idea.

I just need to shut the **** up and either live with what we have now or move on.