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Thread: The State Of AntiOnline

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    Awesome. JPs one post completely answers questions that have been popping up for months now. It even answers the one question I had of why we aren't in the news anymore, and why we don't have a spokesperson. Damn good post...

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    Indeed JP. A good example of what this site is now attracting:

    hey guys this is michelle mathews from india. i'm a commerce grad. i've a paper called infomn tech in my mba. so i wanna learn wat all this computer stuff is.
    Woah. An MBA in IT that wants to know what all this computer stuff is. If that is the future of people handling my credit card information, I might as well give it up now.

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    Ok, time to bring the fresh blood up to speed again.

    I'm so fascinated with these old stories of AO's "golden age". Is there any trace of the Attrition/AO rivalry that cab be found in the archives?
    ... Get a life. It's not fascinating at all.
    PS: Your website sucks, a lot.

    Glad to see you posting JP I think MsMittens and Neg are pretty much running the site at this stage on the daily basis so why not have them as 'figureheads' for want of a better word?
    Lol, Neg's a nazi . I think MsM or TH13 would be perfect to represent AO, or at least the spirit of it. I am saying this because if they represented AO in total, people like AngelicKnight and other idiots wouldn't be here.


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