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    How can I find out who an email belongs to? Please help. thanks

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    Send him an e-mail and ask ? If you're thinking about tracing someone via email headers IP, dont use ur braincells for nothing, u'll get the ISP location, the IP can't be traced to the e-mail address owners physical address !

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    for hotmail users, go to option>mail tab>mail display settings...
    select advaced radio button in Message Headers section..

    it shows something like this:

    "When reading a message the Basic setting displays the sender's and recipients' names, the date, and the subject. The Full setting displays additional routing information that may be useful for tracing messages. The Advanced setting displays complete MIME headers (for power users)."

    most of email services have this kind of option.. find them, and u can trace them with the listed routers and IP addresses... BUT hard to trace peoples who use proxy..

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    Well I don't want to know their IP address, I just want to know who the email belongs to. I don't know that person, and he/she hasn't sent me anything. I'm just curious to know who they are.

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    Was the e-mail directed specifically towards you? It was probably some spam message which got your name and e-mail address from a central server somewhere. If the message is something personal, you'll have to do what Wav said and just respond and ask. More than likely though, it's spam and you're gonna end up nowhere 'cuz most of the addresses aren't legit.


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    Please excuse me if I am sounding dumb, but as I understand the question you have something like:


    and you want to know who computer_whizz is?

    If that is the case, the answer is that you cannot without asking them. As already observed, the name and address could be spoofed.

    More simply, someone just sets up an account with a provider and does not give any details, or gives false details. The provider/ISP will have some information if it is a genuine account, but privacy laws will prevent you obtaining that unless you are a recognised government agency. You would not be able to relate sub-addresses to the main address either (where your ISP is also your e-mail provider and allows multiple addresses).

    For example, the Feds would not get any help from my provider in Hanoi , they would, however, be able to trace AOL or multiple Hotmail accounts.

    Basically this is how spammers "get away with it"...............spoofed addresses, and unprotected servers with "relay" enabled.

    Hope that helps

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    You can't unless they have say a @yahoo account and have their information posted in their profile.
    If it's one of the major email companies @hotmail, @AOL, @yahoo you can just search around in the member index.
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    How can you find who belongs to an email?

    It could be your Fathers email. I dont know or maybe it was a faked one!

    If you want to know the location, the name of the computer that was
    used to open and read an email or even the IP adress, just register this site, configure
    your prefered options and send a testing email to yourself. If it is nicely configured,
    send one or more to the person you want to know more. If it is a valid email,
    you will recieve more information if it is opened.

    (Some options enclude; letting disapear the contents of the email.)

    Here is the link: http://www.readnotify.com/readnotify/about.asp

    I hope you will find very interesting to trace people's IP via sending emails to them
    rather than recieving from them!

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    i;ll repeat the words of nihil
    i don want to sound dumb ,but if you want to know who the person is,well if he is using an yahoo acount ,may be ,maybe he has a profile and u can view it ,may be .not for sure if all people use yahoo profiles

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