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Thread: virus explosion

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    virus explosion

    today my company's pc encountered a virus explosion, maybe over 15 pcs were infected
    the virus caused them to restart over and over again,is there a good AV to prevent it?

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    You could go with AVG, Norton Pro 2004.
    Those are about the only 2 that i could personally recommened..
    But i'm sure that others will reply with there recommendations so sit tight as there will be more recommendations heading this way very shortly..

    And also remember that your Anti-Virus are only as good as your last Update for definitions etc etc..


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    is there a good AV to prevent it?
    Well the best AV is not worth **** if the boxes are not patched, and not sitting behind a firewall
    And what fool allowed the systems up on the WWW unpatched, No form of Virus protection and no firewall?

    Now what was the Virus?.. I suspect we are talking worms.. right which door RPC-DCOM or LSASS?

    While I dislike the big names.. any protection is better than none.. Computer Associates are a reputable AV supplier (etrust, vet) as are Network Associates (McAfee).. spend a couple of bucks on their Corporate Versions.. or even the Symantec (NAV) Corporate product..

    I hope those machines are disconnected from the network untill AFTER they are ALL cleaned..

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    i ve experienced such a problem a couple of months ago and ''Blaster worm'' was responsible...

    Symantec offers removal tools... check this link http://securityresponse.symantec.com...ools.list.html
    it might help the situation temporarily...

    but mainly consider Und3ertak3r's and .:front2back:.'s comments...

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