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    Webpage Hosting

    I am a freshmen in college and have a decent amount of experience in webpage building and wanted to get into hosting webpages for companies. The problem is, i have no idea where to start:
    How do i get my name out that i can design webpages?
    How much money does one charge for a webpage??
    What is the proccess i have to go through??

    These are just some of the questions I would like to know to start out with.
    Also does anyone have any suggestions to a favorite webhosting service?

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    Well, first thing I think you should do is build you a personal site. Basically your site can be a sort of resume, as the things you can do, and have done.

    I'm not exactly sure how one gets their name out there, other than starting slow, maybe local businesses and such, and "if you build it they will come." Also the same deal for the charges. I wouldn't try to rip anyone a new one off the bat, but as you get better, and more well known, higher priced clients would come along

    Lastly, I use startlogic.com, but I dont know if thats what your asking for sure. Their basic deal is $8 a month, and if you buy a year there is no setup fee, or charge to register your domain name. For that you get 40 GB of transfer, and 1 GB of storage. It was just what I was looking for.

    Hope this helps!

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    ya it does, thanks a lot

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