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Thread: Need Help please...

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    Unhappy Need Help please...

    I need help...Uh, im new to hacking. I dont want anyone to teach me...I just need a push in the right direction. So if anyone kind enough out their doesn't mind spending 10 minutes helping me, i would really appriciate it =). PM or email me. Thank you.

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    Read everything in the security tutorials forum twice, making sure you retain it all. Now you know a hell of a lot more than me about hacking.
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    At times I'm amazed at what passes for a question here.
    And then this............

    If this is a real query ? Leave now, as it is obviously too late for you.
    If this is just an account set up to allow us to reach balance; Cheers Easy !!

    Or; using the words and wisdom of Pooh, we could ask you to rephrase your question.
    To allow us to make a more selective choice about yourself, and your intentions, however, I've just got in from work, and a tea time troll is NOT required reading at this time

    To sum up:


    [edit] Damn. It STILL doesn't work.......[/edit]
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