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Thread: NTFS subdirectory depth

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    Question NTFS subdirectory depth

    Good day!

    Just would like to inquire if anyone knows the maximum subdirectory depth of Windows 2000's NTFS filesystem?

    I've recently searched at Google and only got results that points to the maximum path length which is 32767 but not the subdirectory depth.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just wondering... Why the hell does it matter?
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    The only reason I can think of is:
    For when you burn a CD/DVD, and if you have too many levels,
    you might not be able to read your back-up............

    Correct me if I'm wrong....... But the S/W will tell you when you are over the limit anyway........

    So; back to TG, and WHY.................

    Your profile is a bit vague. (why don't people fill in a bit more [forgot - thought police])
    But it does imply more than a passing knowledge of OS's in general.

    So, can you please re-phrase your question, and, perhaps, add more details of the WHY.......
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    I think you can get to 128 folders deep before running into problems, such as taking up ungodly amounts of processor time to access folders/files.

    But you can go deeper.

    Simply go as far down the tree as possible, and then share the last folder. Get on another computer, or use your own, and go to that share from My Network Places or whatnot, and then start making more folders in that share. Note that doing this may make it very difficult to delete the folders from further up the tree.

    This MS Knowledge base article has good information: http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;320081

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    Thanks for the reply, guys!

    foxyloxley, sorry if my question seemed incomplete or vague as to why I asked for the maximum depth of NTFS's sub-directory is that its a question presented to the network security course that I'm currently taking for us, participants.

    Just as The Grunt mentioned "why hell it matters?" well it didn't mattered much to me as well until I got into this network security course. I've searched in google and several other search engines namely hobot, web crawler and yahoo but only came up with results discussing the maximum path length instead of the subdirectory depth.

    Tim_Axe thanks for the reply as well as the link to Microsoft's knowledgebase.

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