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Thread: shutting down problems

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    shutting down problems

    Recently I installed windows 2000 server on one box which ealier had 98, worked all good. But now since i installed win2k server when i shut down the computer from start menu it says

    'your computer is safe to shut down'

    How can I make it shut down,without seeing this option?

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    I can't remember exactly, but I belive its a setting in the bios and has to do with your Power supply.

    I know ATX power supplies shut off automatically, but If I'm correct non ATX powersupplies do not shut off automatically and require you to press the power button.

    How old is your computer?

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    How can I make it shut down,without seeing this option?
    Sir, with the greatest respect, might I ask why you would wish to do such a thing? after all, this is a system message to tell you that it is safe to turn off the electrical power to your machine. Is it causing you any problems?

    I have a few questions, depending upon the answers you may wish to use the PM system to respond

    1. Is this a "clean" install of Windows 2000 Server, or some sort of "upgrade"?...........if it is an upgrade then I would suggest that the previous comments/links apply.........it is "remembering" its Win98 days

    2. Is this a licenced/registered copy of the Win2000 Server OS?

    3. What SP (Service Pack) level are you at?

    I am afraid that I will need a few more details regarding your exact problem, and indeed, if it really is a problem.

    I am about to build a Windows 2000 server and have all the components, and a copy of W2K server still in its original shrink wrap........and the purchase invoice

    I also have several licenced copies of Win98 (first and second editions) so I could attempt to provoke your situation on this new machine.

    My concern is that I have just had to reinstate the message on a machine to get rid of boot-up problems, so if yours is working, I would be inclined to "leave well alone" ?

    Good luck!

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