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    I'll weigh in: You never know who it would attract outside of AO, it would not be limited to dev, but perhaps a few of the 100,000 or so game server admins might pop in and contribute? Who knows? A lot of guests, in fact it's like 200 to 1, never post here they just lurk.
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    I would be very interested in a forum like this. I have nothing to contribute to it, but then again I had nothing to contribute when I joined this one. I think it's worth the risk.

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    Same here -- nothing to contribute, but I would be most fascinated.

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    I think that members would be able to contribute. Xmaddness knows a lot about CS Servers with steam and I think that other members could benifit from a Game Security forum. Cheyenne and myself admin our dedicated CS server and would probably get a lot out of a discussion forum dedicated to game security.
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    might suit your needs
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    i make a serious mistake trying to answer to this post, some users take that for "spam" my own web site, so, i found a "edit" button and erase the content.

    thanks for the antipoints, i'm not a spammer or newbie seeking for advertise, USERS: see my other post please before take an "opinion" for me.

    best wishes people!

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