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Thread: Anyone know of a [B]Security[/B] related site?

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    Originally posted here by Negative
    [B]I have my AntiOnline home page set up to show all forums. Right now, there are 15 security-related threads going on, and 9 non-security related ones.

    It's either members trying to change something for the good but getting bitched at, or members bitching about how AntiOnline has gone downhill.

    The level of discussion in those security-related forums might be discussable, but you can't expect AntiOnline to give out a free brain to everyone who signs up.
    Having been "quiet" for some time now..
    I wouldn't mind if this place could be restored to it's former state, or atleast somewhere near to it. Since this place is corporate now, I don't know what can really even change...but....

    I'd be willing to discuss this in a meaningful manner, and if you don't want to take me up on it, that's cool.
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    I haven't been a member here for very long I know, but I have lurked on this site as a guest for a very long time. I remember when Tiger, Soda, Memory, Shrekkie, Spyder, etc.. all joined. the site has changed yes, but why complain? It's like life, it's what you make of it. From what I have seen lately SDK and Soda have kept me on my toes thinking and searching. this site is such a good place for newbies to learn and get on their feet or for even a veteran to learn a thing or two. If you don't like the content being posted you have the power to help make the content better. Just my 2 cents.

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    I agree with hobbdebub, it is what we make out of it, i know i dont make much out of it, hell, i'll try to change from now, it was good seeing my username in the last post, i wanna get the status i once had, yes it is going to be hard..

    Also tiger, Instead of bitching how this suckls, why not make more security related threads ? I'm 100% sure that most members will participate in the thread, the problem is, we have too many newbies that think this is a tech support forum, we need to make more security related threads to change something. You cant just wait and see when somebody is gonna make a good thread, make one yourself....

    well, my .02 cents....

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    Wav: That was a good post, with the exception of one thing:

    i wanna get the status i once had
    What, an annoying post whore? Trust me, you don't want the status nor any affliation of anything you previously had. Starting over maturely and a clean slate is fine though.
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    What, an annoying post whore?
    Im sorry spyder32, but you came back at the wrong time, i wasn't always a post whore, when the non-sensical thread opened, i started post whoring ( you also ), i also remember that we used to bring couple of thread off topics a day, those times are gone, it's time for a new beginning, i'll try and reincarnate this account, if not. Well... we'll see what happens !

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    it's time for a new beginning, i'll try and reincarnate this account, if not. Well... we'll see what happens !
    Not to go back to my severe post-whoring days, but: Good luck!
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    Neg: Great idea.... Filter the forums that are full of crap..... Then people like Angelic would have had no help whatsoever, (except maybe Spyrus), in his FSMO thread in Addicts. He posted there because he mistakenly believed that there might be a level of expertise lurking there. I have to say that the limited level of knowledge regarding AD was hardly surprising because it's a place for "addicts" not necessarily "knowledgable addicts".

    AntiOnline Addicts: A forum for people who have a good knowledge of computers/security & who do not post meaninglessly.
    Ahh... I see.... That's just there to mislead the likes of Angelic and con him into believing that it's "the place to be".... How terribly disappointed he must be to find out that the level of knowledge and the quality of posts in general is no better than GCC.

    I do filter the forums so that I can try to catch _actual_ questions that I can help with. I even show OS and Addicts on my front page for just that reason on the principle that every now and again a blind squirrel will find a nut......

    Interestingly enough, the responses here and via PM indicate that this is one of the more active places on the net.....

    Thought for JupM: Open your eyes before what talent remains here gets fed up and heads back to the newsgroups..... If you don't make a place that is restricted to intelligent discussion regarding the true subject of this site then those who come looking for it will have nowhere to find it and those who are here wanting it will eventually find it elsewhere. What will remain is AOL without the revenue......

    Instead of bitching how this suckls, why not make more security related threads ?
    Rich.... Really rich..... coming from the uber post whore with nothing to say and less between his ears..... Wav, call 1-800-328-7448 for help with your problems....
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    Tiger: I think we should look at this from two angles:

    - The infrastructure: the forum, how it is set up, its speed, its possibilities,...
    - The members

    What you're basically saying is that the members' lack of knowledge is due to the infrastructure, and I have a problem with that...

    Compare it to a skate-park (don't know why I picked that ): you can have the best skate-park in the world (infrastructure), but if the skaters that hang out there suck...
    Now imagine that there's a secluded area in that skate-park: only people who have been to the skate-park 275 times get access to that secluded area. Does that mean that they're better skaters than the rest? Not at all.
    If you want to learn some new tricks, your best bet would not be to only hang out in that secluded area. Your best bet would be to hang out in the general area, and try to watch those who know the tricks.

    By posting in Addicts, Angelic_Knight limited his options. I think it's wrong to think that you'll get better advice in Addicts: all the people who hang out there, also hang out in the general forums.
    Those general forums have the same members plus thousands of others...
    Why would one limit his options?
    If we'd create a "professional" forum, all that would happen is another limitation of options: a lot of professionals wouldn't be able to access that forum.

    I refuse to believe that members are leaving because of the AntiOnline infrastructure.
    If they're leaving because of the lack of knowledge... then they're something wrong with the members... good luck in changing that

    The logic that creating a "professionals" forum would make AntiOnline more geared towards security, is a wrong conclusion, imo... it would do the exact opposite. You'd end up with some worthwhile discussions in that professionals forum, and everything else would be in the general forums. Wouldn't that make AntiOnline even more what you despise?
    Those worthwhile discussions can just as well be held in the general forums, where everybody can learn from them, and where everybody can have their say.

    With a restricted professionals forum, those who come looking for it will have nowhere to find it and will go elsewhere, not the other way around... that's the entire problem I have with your logic

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    Thanks Neg, you gave me a different way to look at that, I see your point. Tig's right about why I posted in Addicts, plus I wanted to lower the chances of it going off-topic. The subject of that thread was so complex that any idiot adding a string of flame or nonsense posts would've messed things up really quick.

    But I really don't think AO's going that far downhill. Of course, I wasn't here during the golden era, but I know one thing for sure: when I first came here, I was oblivious to anything security. Today, I at least can hold my own a bit. I'm doing better at my job thanks to AO. I've had tons of questions answered and have had lots of help. But if people like Tiger start leaving, people like me are gonna be pretty screwed.

    For any community to grow and stay strong, it's members must stay committed, and that means through the good times and bad. Do we leave AO just because it's going through a problem phase? I say no, we stick it out. You guys really don't think it's going to stay this way forever do you? I think we just need to be more patient. I don't know about you guys, but AO has really been a life-saver for me more times than I can count.

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    Tiger, there is only a few more weeks till school is back in, at which point, hopefully, a lot of the problems we are experiencing will have other things to focus on.


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