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    (Just looked this back up.)

    Neg, this is why I thought posting my thread in Addicts was a good idea. To quote Terr:

    The forum is useful for discussing topics which (in the more public boards) would degenerate into chaos or flamewars, as well as to discuss the general workings and current issues of AO... or for pointing fingers at users who really need a good swift kick in the pants like those who try to muck up the system with bad usernames.

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    Neg: Man.... You gotta get a job.... You're spending waaay too much time with the kids.... A Skate Park????? But I'll run with the analagy... It's a fun one....

    You're right, the secluded area isn't necessarily the best place to learn the new tricks. But there's the other side of the coin. Out there in either of the areas there are skaters with great tricks and skill and those that still have a cushion strapped to their buttz. I, as a pretty good skater can't find the space to practice my tricks because I keep getting knocked over by the "cushion asses" who lack the control required to get out of my way. So when I find that I can't skate to my ability because there is no safe place for me to skate I have to go and find a safe place. All your park is left with is the "cushion asses" who don't have the knowledge to help each other so the cushions never come off. New kids in town who are skilled visit the park once or twice and realize that this is an unsafe and unskilled environment and go looking for another park in town.

    OTOH, imagine the following.... We fence off a far corner of the park, away from the secluded area but we only do it with a chain link fence so people can watch the skilled skaters do their tricks but the skilled skaters aren't impeded by the "cushion asses". Note that the chain link fence can be seen through both ways. The "cushion asses" can watch the skilled skaters and see thier tricks and techniques without other "cushion asses" keep blocking their view. The skilled skaters can also see the "cushion asses" and having benefitted from a clear view of the techniques some of them will begin removing the cushion. When they are doing the tricks and are demonstrating a level of skill that won't impede the existing members then they too can be given the key to the gate so they too can skate in safety and continue improving. Back to the new kid in town. In his last town he was "the boy" on skates but his town didn't have a park but now he's in the new town he's looking for one. He comes to the park and even though he sees all the "cushion asses" in the general area he can clearly see that there are skilled skaters in the park too. It won't take a long time for some of the skilled skaters to recognize the new kids talent and invite him into the fenced off area so he can benefit from it too. Lastly, since the fenced off area is in the far corner of the park all the skilled skaters have to walk across the general area amongst all the "cushion asses" they will be able to ask them questions about skills. I would suggest that those who snub them because they aren't members of the fenced area shouldn't keep the key much longer..... I said it before.... I don't think you have much faith in your skilled skaters if you think they won't look back out through the chain link fence and give some help and suggestions to the "cushion asses".....

    that's the entire problem I have with your logic
    I can see your problem here... What you perceived to be my logic was not, in fact, my logic at all..... I'm not saying a closed room with no windows, I'm saying a closed room that is all glass so everyone can see in but they can't interfere with the processes taking place within.


    The subject of that thread was so complex that any idiot adding a string of flame or nonsense posts would've messed things up really quick.
    I couldn't have put it better myself.... The biggest problem I see with it though is that no-one else got to see the "skilled skating" because Addicts is GCC for the post whores only...... Everyone else was locked out becuase they haven't post whored enough.... Shame really...
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    TS: How would you decide who is allowed in this "skilled" section?

    Woud you do it by education? Certs? Experience? Etc.?

    You have to take a test to get in?
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    Here's my original thoughts. I believe that by the end of that thread the "idea" had been hammered out and all we are down to right now is waiting to see if JupM can do it from a technical standpoint and if they want to. Then the "games" should begin as to the minutiae of what the initial entrance requirements should be.
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    Tiger Shark

    I sure hope you dont give up on AO as I have always found your posts informative and have learned a great deal lurking from members like you.

    Yes there are trolls, *******s, etc...but they are everywhere....and I just do my best to ignore them...kinda like when I am at work

    I also like your AO Proffessionals idea....

    As I know from playing music in my previous life prior to computers...(have no time now)
    the better the players your are playing with the better you play.

    Anyway...hope you stick around as IMHO...it would be a great loss to AO if members with your insight and intelligence should start to leave.

    Just my .02 cdn

    The lurker
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    I have to suggest that if you want such a place where you set the rules and govern membership (your own little club inside AO), why not simply go make your own and mention it to the membership here? Those interested can go and participate in the discussions, everyone else can read. The benefit of this would be it would be antipoint-headache free, and you decide what goes on in there, which seems to be what you want.
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    Re: Anyone know of a [B]Security[/B] related site?

    Originally posted here by Tiger Shark
    Bullshit trolls, *******s who don't know when they aren't wanted, forums taken down to the level of 5 year olds, music forums, gaming forums....... And no-one doing a damn thing to stop it.....
    You forgot to mention people posting non security questions in security forums to get their topic on the front page.

    I agree with you on a couple of your points. I do think that people have been asking for a "anything I can think of under the sun" forum is not really what this site should be all about. We came here for the security and computer discussion and we should stick to it as much as possible. The "AO Professional" forum might be the answer to your problem. However, as people have said before me, your never going to find a forum on the net that does not have a lot of trolls. (And is popular)
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    your own little club inside AO
    I don't see it quite like that old chap.... More a place that any member that can carry on an intelligent discussion that is pertinent to the subject matter of AO can do it without the thread being derailed or otherwise demeaned by those that are allowed free entry to the site but have an insatiable desire to screw up everything they touch. Furthermore, instead of then having to go through weeks of flame wars and whining because someone is out of line the issue can be cleared up in a matter of two days with a single post - vote them up or down - more than 55% say s/he goes then s/he's gone.... period. The poll is then deleted and the forum continues.....

    As for setting up my own I do believe we are in similar boats. Maybe we could help each other.....


    your never going to find a forum on the net that does not have a lot of trolls. (And is popular)
    Yeah, but if popularity is measured in volume of traffic and the traffic is generated by the trolls what do you have left when you remove their traffic.... If it's the trolls driving the popularity then it probably wasn't of much use in the first place..... Just a thought...

    Morgan: Thank you.
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    \"A nation that draws too broad a difference between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting done by fools.\" - Thucydides

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    As a relatively new user of AO I must say that I have found this site extremely helpful and informative. I have to confess that I have started non-security related threads but it was to get help, not as a post whore trying to get into an addicts section. There are great people in here (for example, ss2chef has offered to burn a cd with a printer driver that I need, and email it to me even though we are in different countries! I have never met him and know nothing about him but he is still willing to do that for me.) There are definitlely a fair share of bullshit trolls, and *******s, and there are definitely too many people coming here asking how to hack this and that. There are lots of younger people (myself, only 14 being one of them) but I think for the most part these people are, for the most part, quickly weeded out. I think Tiger Shark's idea about an area fenced off that people can still see is a great one. I also think that some kind of live chat room or series of IRC channels would be a good idea. People could talk to eachother in real time about their security related issues and anyone who is not contributing properly could be quickly booted with out completely banning them from AO. That way people could get relevant answers even quicker while reducing these annoying troublemakers. I'm not even sure if this is viable but I just want to say that I have gotten a lot out of Antionline and I would be very dissapointed to see it go under or to lose some of its better members.


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    Actually there is an IRC channel. I have yet to visit it myself, but one of the other guys can tell you where to find it...

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