So I'm scanning through the SecurityFocus Linux newsletter... and one of the top articles catches my attention:

Big Brother's Last Mile

On August 9th, 2004, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took a major step toward mandating the creation and implementation of new Internet Protocol standards to make all Internet communications less safe and less secure. What is even worse, the FCC's ruling will force ISP's and others to pay what may amount to billions of dollars to ensure that IP traffic remains insecure.

In short a new ruling by the FCC states that all broadband ISPs need to be designed to be insecure. That is to say, an interception of traffic can be done without much effort from the FBI. This may lead up to redesigning parts of the TCP/IP protocol [as the columnist states], the spending of millions por billions] of dollars on new implementations, and the fact that our data is no longer safe.

Now I shouldn't be worried too much, since I live in Canada... yeah, right. Any communication routed through the continental US is subject to interception [just as Carnivore]. Especially if these new designs get implemented, crackers will have a hell of am easier job wiretapping people with various purposes. Let us not consider the fact that E-Biz should [theoretically] go down in numbers. Publicly available cryptography is more at stake then before, and the list goes on...