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Thread: Drives not mapped with a letter.

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    Exclamation Drives not mapped with a letter.

    I just installed RedHat Linux 7.3. It is dual-booting with Win2k Pro, using the GRUB loader. I have Windows on a FAT32 drive, and that's C:\. RedHat is on an ext3 formatted partition, that is unaccesible through Windows, same with the Linux Swap, and the new partition that I just created, a FAT32..to share between the OSs. I cannot access *any* of those drives through Windows, except for C:\. Partition Magic shows all of the other drives and their respective labels. It shows C:\, but all the others are *:\. The only way for me to access them is through the Partition Magic File Browser. When I first created the partition, I could access, and copied somethings to it. Upon restarting, they were given the *:\ mapping. How can I change this? The drive mapping utility in Partition Magic asks for a drive letter...so I can't enter *.

    Also, I have a DLink DWL 650+ PCMCIA card for Wi-Fi access. I found some pre-release drivers on SourceForge that are supposed to work with this...poorly, however. How do I go about installing these drivers in Linux from the tarball?

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    This explains very good the use of tarballs.



    Users who wish to change the CD disc drive letter in Windows 2000 and Windows XP must have Administrator rights. If you are logged in as a user that does not have these privileges log out and log in as a user account that does have these rights.

    Open Control Panel.

    Open Administrator Tools.

    Open Computer Management.

    Open Disk Management.

    Locate the drive that you wish to change the drive letter and right click on that drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

    Try that with the hard drive and see if you can access it with a drive letter !

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