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Thread: Hacking book

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    Hacking book

    Wiley have brought out another easy-to-understand book: Hacking for Dummies. It is incredibly easy to understand and shows step-by-step instructions to ethical hacking. This book helps you understand the mind of a malicious hacker (cracker), so that you can better understand how to protect yourself, and shows you how to approach your system from a hacker's view and probe it for vulnerabilities.

    Great book. To read a review, click here.

    Happy readings!!
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    well, i have a copy of the book too, and it is a nice book, but it's not the only book i own about hacking, and it surely isn't the best
    but it is a nice book to start with.

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    Hi k9 this book seems to be good but where can we find similar books for free download ?
    can anybody give me a link where i can find boks on ethical hacking for free ?


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    Hmmm...ill have to pick this up sometime....seems like it might be a good read.

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