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Thread: New Forum: General Networking Discussions

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    New Forum: General Networking Discussions

    Hey Hey,

    I start posting again and notice General Computer Discussions and General Programming discussions. I think we should have a General Networking Discussions forum.... I think networking is more common than programming among the masses here and questions like phish's SNMP bandwidth requirements or Cisco configs shouldn't be with a tech support forum with the label General Computer Discussions... I think this forum would actually be beneficial to JupM since money is the bottomline around here. The CCNA is becoming very popular, if there was a networking forum that CCNA students could browse and read, I think it would draw in a lot more people.

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    Oooh...1/4 of the threads I started would already go there! I can see merit for that.

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    Me thinks that a Networking Discussions area would be an brilliant idea..
    As i'm about to prepare on setting up a network of 20+ computers for a local school i'll be needing somewere to post and ask my questions, as i'm sure that i'll be asking a fair few
    Anyhow 10\10 for this idea HT, and i'm suprised that this idea wasn't thought of before.?.


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    Sounds like a good idea to me...I think it'd be pretty active.

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    Sounds like a great idea... You already have proof of what would be posted there... It has my vote!
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    It sounds like a nice idea, but personally I think we have enough forums as it is without adding any more.
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