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Thread: is this some new virus?

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    Thumbs down is this some new virus?

    heres what im experienceing...........and if you have any idea what this may be please dont be shy

    i have obviously picked up something ....i was trying new antivirus programs and downloaded avast...now avast picked something up and couldnt issolate it and move into the "vault" i uninstalled avast and now heres the tricky thing.

    i CANNOT download ANY antivirus programs..i have tried mcaffe, norton, pc cillin, panda , even went to downloads.com and tried the new stuff............it seems to stop all downloads of any antivirus., ( i can still download anything ..but antivirus programs) and i mean i can download anything.....but when i try to download antivirus programs they freeze stop and a timeout error is presented....
    now the logical thing is to go to trendmicro and get an online virus scan ( housecall)...been there 5 times and when downloading the required plug in................cancelled (timeout error) i actually got it to 78% then stopped

    heres the big problem............im running xp home ........and this thing wont let me do a system restore.........i have gone as far as a month back and still receive a "system restore incomplete" error................

    i have exhausted my resources and am now asking if anyone has heard of any nastys that infect a system like the one described above.?

    a link would be great ., as i dont mind doing reasearch...if i know what im looking for
    thank you...and if you have any further questions i will do my best to answer ..thank you again

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    1. Can you download AdAware and SpyBot S&D and CWShredder? If you can I would be surprised.
    2. Can you download HijackThis!

    Try to do these, run AdAware and SpyBot S&D in safe mode, then run CWShredder in normal mode, then run hijackthis! and post the log as a .txt file attachment.

    You might also try to run the Panda online scanner.

    What browser and version are you using...........?

    I await your reply


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    yes the aswer is yes

    i do have spybot s&d...all updates are recent
    now i did download adaware...it was the se version,
    nothing is coming up on both scans..........

    like you i also tried the panda online scan and even downloaded the panda titanium antivirus
    i was getting messages after the download (everytime i booted it would come up with an error "this port is busy") was the error message.
    i uninstalled the panda av

    i also uninstalled the adaware se as i couldnt update the definitions "cannot connect to server..then it would pop up my ie browser"
    i dont use internet explorer as i am a mozilla user"
    speaking of the browser
    ia,m still recieving errors on both mozilla and ie when trying to download anti virus programs
    i recently downloaded idm and internet download manager........thought mabey something was corrupt in this
    i uninstalled the idm........and still getting the same result
    it is very frustrating to say the least
    any other questions i will be sure to answer
    thank you for the speedy response., i appreciate that

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    thank you for the speedy response., i appreciate that
    You are welcome, it is what a lot of us believe in, despite some recent altercations


    1. You must run SpyBot and AdAware in SAFE mode.
    2. Get CWShredder and run that in normal........if you have problems with links I will try to help, but they do get hit by DOS attacks on a regular basis.
    3. Try to get the free AVG antivirus software and run that in SAFE mode.
    4. Run your MS updates and Mozilla, which should be at least:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win 9x 4.90; en-US; rv:1.7) Gecko/20040616

    5. Get HijackThis and run it in normal mode then post the log file as a .txt attachment..............if you are not sure just post it.........I feel that it will tell us a lot.

    Please keep us informed as to progress/results


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    If nihil's advice doesn't work, another good online scanner is Norton. Go to Symantec Security Response and under the heading "Virus Definitions" click on "Online Virus and Security Check". This may get rid of the virus, what Symantec is famous for.

    Good luck!!!

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    You say that every time you try to download any AV application you are prevented from doing so? If so, do you have access to another 'working' PC in which you can download any of the required programs you need, burn them to a CD then try installing them on your PC that way?

    Further, you mention you are a Mozilla user - just for kicks, have you tried to download AV applications using IE, just to see if you have any sucess there?
    - Maverick

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    Yes, You Have The Virus "midnight stalker" its pretty funny, but bear with me, try opening you disk tray, then try installing your AV, mcaffe i know pickes it up.

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