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Thread: Knowledge Bowl.

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    Knowledge Bowl.

    Ok, I have been holding this idea in my head for a while. I was determined not to post it until, AO implemented the forum that would be appropriate for it.

    Ok here goes. I am thinking about hosting a AO Knowledge Bowl. I am not sure how I am going to do it yet, but I am pretty much thinking about Turning my IRC server on, and host it there. I am thinking about having different forums for different questions. There will probably be a bot in every channel Running it, sending me the totals. I will share what I will do with them later, when I finally figure out.

    That is part one of the Knowledge bowl.

    Now there is another part, that I am thinking about, it is going to be a chained thread, and how this thread is going to work is, I will ask a question, and people will post what they think is the answer until, I see the answer that is correct, once I see the correct answer I will post the next question.

    Now here is where this gets interesting. I am not accepting any answers that are half assed. I want links, I want to know that when you answer people can, look at your answer and find out where you learned what you learned.

    Now this is the other side of that, I am not going to create the questions, I am just going to choose them, I want people from AO, to PM me the questions. I will say what day, I want people to start PMing me the questions,( I have to clear out my PM box.) the thing that goes with the questions just like with the answers is that, you have to PM me as much Info as you can about Every question. The other thing, is I really don't want any basic Info, no Basic TCP/IP. I will decide what I think is basic and not.

    The part that I really need help with is the questions part, that will be the part that will be the most work. If you guys think my Idea is a P.O.S. come up with a better one, but I am sick and ****ing tired of no one learning anything. So this is what I see as a way to fix that.

    That is all that I can think of right now, there are other parts of my idea, which I will explain at a later, date. The only thing is that I need some kind of Conformation that I am going to recieve questions and input. (I am really not in the mood nore, do I have the time to write all the questions myself, and come up with all the links.) (So everyone knows, I will be checking all questions to make sure that the answers provided are correct.)

    With all that said, let me know what you guys think, before I re-think about how much work this is going to be, and ****ing go crazy and say **** it.

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    This has to be the most intelligent idea I saw in a while!!
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    What's the underlying premise?

    Is it some kind of competition? I'm not sure I get the whole point.....
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    TS: I think its a "just for fun" and learning type of thing.

    I'd be interested in it.

    Maybe it can be in the form of a webpage with radio buttons, so people can do it at their own pace. With everyone having different schedules... I can see it difficult to get everyone in IRC at once. Or, maybe have it in IRC live and then have the webpage for members that missed the session?

    I don't know if we can use them or not... but I have a whole bunch of practice tests I've gathered up from different certs and such. If we were to reword the questions then I don't see any problem with copyright? I'm no copyright expert though... Maybe have a couple of questions a scenario type deal, like TS did with his logs tutorial. I really like that style... or like the hackers challenge? Just a couple of ideas for you...
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    I agree that concurrency is a real pain---you can't do a timed competition over so many possible timezones, and there will always be the accusation that the winner simply searched for the result instead of already knowing it.

    Any example questions? e.g. "Why is it [not] possible to conduct a spoofing attack on a switched network? Explain."
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    I would be interested... Even though IRC might not be the best medium, with a good bot logging everything, it could be implemented. Another example of a good question would be: What is a good clustering solution to use on *NIX and what makes it better than the others?

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    I would be up for it.

    Sounds like a cool idea.

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    Posted by: Terr
    Any example questions? e.g. "Why is it [not] possible to conduct a spoofing attack on a switched network? Explain."
    Doesn't ettercap[-NG] now do spoof attacks on switched networks? Hubbed networks are no problem, but in a switched network you can still use ARP poisoning and MITM to sniff.

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