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Thread: Term paper help please

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    Talking Term paper help please

    hey everyone
    this is my sophomore year and i have to do a term paper for school *sigh*
    BUT we get to do it on ANY topic we choose

    i was planning on doing something like "The histroy of Unix and Linux"
    this isnt due to the end of first semester in january but better plan a head and make this good

    im reaserching on google now but if you have any links or a better subject please share your knowlege....even if you know 1 thing please share and yes all the users who contribute and antionline will be included in the bibliography

    thanks all
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    foresinc technics
    Disaster Recovery Plan
    Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
    Windows X Linux security comparision
    Meu sítio

    FORMAT C: Yes ...Yes??? ...Nooooo!!! ^C ^C ^C ^C ^C
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    Things that make ya go hmmmm

    Really scary thought - a unix/linux paper to be read in a high school classroom. You'll get branded 'geek' for the rest of your days (although this isn't such a bad thing, if you choose to vary a bit you'll save yourself a TON of wedgies and locker-stuffings).

    Might consider 'history of Computers' - start with Jacquard's loom, up thru Blaise Pascal and his daughter Marie, then CrayI, etc... Fun stuff, very cool reading if it's presented right, and the jockstraps will leave ya alone.

    Happy writing!
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    ppl in my school already know me to be a geek
    i hacked a marquee sign in 8th grade to prove a point that no school adminstration is perfect...our assistent principle was like "we believe we have a perfect staff to help im punishment and education blah blah blah"
    everyone comes to me with their comp problems now too...even jocks
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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