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Thread: Drunken Bear!

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    Talking Drunken Bear!
    Rainier beer wins black bear's taste test

    BAKER LAKE, Wash. Rain-eeeeer .... Bear?

    When state Fish and Wildlife agents recently found a black bear passed out on the lawn of Baker Lake Resort, there were some clues scattered nearby dozens of empty cans of Rainier Beer.

    The bear apparently got into campers' coolers and used his claws and teeth to puncture the cans. And not just any cans.

    "He drank the Rainier and wouldn't drink the Busch beer," said Lisa Broxson, bookkeeper at the campground and cabins resort east of Mount Baker.

    Fish and Wildlife enforcement Sgt. Bill Heinck said the bear did try one can of Busch, but ignored the rest.

    "He didn't like that (Busch) and consumed, as near as we can tell, about 36 cans of Rainier."

    A wildlife agent tried to chase the bear from the campground but the animal just climbed a tree to sleep it off for another four hours. Agents finally herded the bear away, but it returned the next morning.

    Agents then used a large, humane trap to capture it for relocation, baiting the trap with the usual: doughnuts, honey and, in this case, two open cans of Rainier. That did the trick.

    "This is a new one on me," Heinck said. "I've known them to get into cans, but nothing like this. And it definitely had a preference."
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    Personally, I like the part where they baited the trap with donuts and beer....GROSS! But apparently the bear thought it was good enough.
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    Hell, what is going on here.................I shall report you to the international court in the Hague.

    Sure, the poor chap had a choice?..........did he?............well at least he shows promise........

    Send him over here and I will attempt to obtain British citizenship..............we could even get a bear beer drinking gold at the Olympics?

    I have been on Morlands "Old Speckled Hen" then Theakston's "Old Peculier".............the young chap obviously shows natural talent, but needs professional guidance? You have the bear, I have the beer

    Bears are actually very intelligent creatures, easily outsurpassing your average CEO.

    You would have to give one 12 pints of Newcasle Brown Ale to reduce it to a conversational level with your average IRS employee.

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    Lucky bear .


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